We are inter-dependent on those who believe in what we’ve been called to do together since 1975. We’ve been non-salaried, supported by gifts and donations since 1974.

If you want to partner with us, there are several ways possible:

1/    A friend of ours who’s involved international banking as her profession has recommended to us Transferwise, which takes less of a “bite” than PayPal or banks do. Check to see if you can send from your country.

2/    There’s the PayPal option. Giving this way, we lose 3% handling fee to PayPal, but it’s convenient for you to give.

3/   You can very quickly and easily give via Square Cash. We lose nothing if you send this way.

You may want to check into this extremely quick and easy to use way to transfer money(without any fee as with PayPal or campus missions account) immediately (without a hold) into your bank account. You can also use it to give (or pay) others via smartphone app or their Web site,

To give to us:$DennisLFahringer or more easily, via their smartphone app.

You don’t need to use a smartphone to do this with their app, but can simply email money to someone (even if they haven’t set up a Square Cash account yet). I’ve used it and it’s great. It’s from the same company who is making so many Point-Of-Purchase checkout systems.

4/    As an American, you can get a tax deduction. You can give to us via our UofN campus here in Kona:

Giving this way, we lose 3.2% handling fee to PayPal and the campus Finance Dept., but it’s convenient for you to give.

Email us and we’ll tell you how you can also do it via check to UofN. (We pay a 1% handling fee to the campus finance dept. this way.)

    email me

4/    You can snailmail a check to us.

Dennis and Jo Fahringer


75-5851 Kuakini Hwy #242

Kailua-Kona HI 96740-2199


Giving this way we get all of the money you send. :-)

Because we value our relationship with you, please keep in touch. We want to know what’s going on, how you’re doing and how we can pray for you.

If we don’t already have your contact info, feel free to use the email button above to send it to us so we can be in touch.

5/ For our travel, the gift of frequent flier airmiles would be great. (That’s made possible my going with my students on the 4 week long field trip we do in the School of Photography II to another nation to serve through the gift of our photos.)

6/  We have an account on as “”.